11 Bit Studios calls a "shit scammer" who sells Frostpunk 2 to Kinguin

11 bit studios calls a "shit scammer" who sells frostpunk 2 to kinguin

Frostpunk 2 was announced a week ago with a teaser smile, a brief synopsis of the new setup: coal is out, oil is in and no release date. 11 Bit Studios warned that the game is still "fairly early in development," and will probably be a long way off. That hasn’t stopped online retailer Kinguin from offering “preorder Steam CD keys” on sale, prompting a very strong 11-bit response that urged fans not to buy them.

Actually, the keys are being sold by G2Play, which is part of Kinguin, both merged in 2020, and on the pages of both sites it is notified that the purchase is strictly prior and that the keys will not be delivered until the game is published, as long as it is. Currently, they will go for a CDN price of $ 47, which would seem to be about $ 40, which is perhaps not reasonable, but also totally arbitrary, as the official prices of Frostpunk 2 have not yet been set.

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