11 years late, UFO2: Aliens have finally come out on Steam

11 years late, ufo2: aliens have finally come out on steam

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It was in 2010 that we wrote Facebook The sequel to the turn-based strategy game UFO: Aliens was expected, which "came to be so close to playing X-COM magic, falling short mostly because of what must have been a painfully small budget" by the end d & # 39; any. He missed that mark, badly, and finally faced it in early 2012. And then, nothing.

I think it’s reasonable to say that once most games have lagged behind in a decade, there is a natural tendency to cancel them out, as Redditor Yonzy did. "I've been waiting for this game for months. The lack of updates made me think I was dead," they wrote in, eh, April 2012. In this case, however, it became: 11 years ago, UFO2: Extraterrestrials came out today Steam.

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