3 years after the announcement of The Elder Scrolls 6, Todd Howard is thinking of doing so

3 years after the announcement of the elder scrolls 6, todd howard is thinking of doing so

In 2016, before The Elder Scrolls 6 was formally announced at E3 2018, Todd Howard confirmed that Bethesda was working on a new Elder Scrolls game (because, of course, yes), but warned that it was a long way off. : so far, in fact, that it implied that the technology needed to make it a reality did not exist.

“I have to be careful with what I say: it’s a long way off,” Howard said at the time. “I could sit here and tell you the game and you would say to me,‘ Looks like you don’t even have the technology, how long will it take you? "And so it's something that will take us a long time, what we have in mind for this game."

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