A certain door of Call of Duty: Warzone kills players

A certain door of call of duty: warzone kills players

A Call of Duty: Warzone player on Reddit has encountered an error in which a certain door of the salt mining facility kills you instantly when you touch it. Other players have also experienced the wrath of the murder gate.

The video (included below) reminds me that I learned to fake my head against a wall in drama class; the player is charged towards the closed door with his head down, before staggering. Except that instead of discreetly protecting the blow with their arm, they now die on the ground and need to be revived. (Just like if you did messed up this play, in the theater class.)

jo_raven_this_door_kills_y__instantly_please_fix from r / CODWarzone

No one on the Reddit thread knows exactly why this is happening. There are suggestions that might have something to do with how the door used to be open, not closed, in a previous update, or that it might have something to do with "red doors" (doors used to travel instantly through map). The suggested idea was that if there was a red door anywhere else in the room, normal doors might not be usable. Still, those doors that directly kill you look a little harsh.

Doors are a bit of a developer's nightmare and affect a staggering number of virtual states for something as simple as real life. Line of sight, paths to walk with AI, bullet paths … you will notice if they pass through a closed door (or do not pass through an open one). It makes them difficult to program and even harder if an error causes something like every door in the game to open at the same time, as happened at one point during the development of The Witcher 3.

So the gates are easy to mistake, and in a live service game like Warzone, which is updated frequently, the bugs are easy to implement. Perhaps a door trying to assassinate its players was inevitable, instead of deeply stressing its developers.

It’s just the first weird thing going on in the war zone: mistakes in the past, such as invisible helicopters and holes in the map, have been well documented.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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