A Curb Your Enthusiasm, too spicy short for Apple, has been leaked

A curb your enthusiasm, too spicy short for apple, has been leaked

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z3SAtgjjao (/ embed)

A 10-minute episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, created to open the 2014 Apple Developer World Conference but finally rejected, has been leaked online. Includes Larry David as "App Approver," who reads the elevator tone for iOS apps, and accepts or rejects them with a large inkjet printer. Other cast members play Apple employees, app developers, etc., with the recurring theme more fun than Larry's deep aversion to Snapchat.

"And by the way, why are birds always so angry in these apps?"

Needless to say, it’s pretty obvious why Apple turned it down. It’s very true to the tone of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which gets a lot of its humor from distinguishing between discomfort and social taboo, and while it’s a fun time, there are a lot of things here that didn’t quite fit the pristine Apple image.

A first moment to raise your eyebrows is the comparison of slave adherence to the security rules of Apple's doors in Nazi Germany (Larry: "Well, they were organized!"), Before entering the realms of extreme bad taste with some of the invented applications. , and then Larry has a discussion with J.B. Smoove, a black colleague who doesn’t let whites bite sandwiches. This last exchange ends with the two issuing their respective slogans, "Don't bite for whites" and "No snacks for blacks," at which point I imagine Tim Cook himself was hitting the "Rejected" label. with considerable force.

Larry David certainly didn’t care – he doesn’t normally do promotional things, so the sum involved must have been staggering. And until it leaked, it was probably the job of dreams: all that beautiful lollipop, without ever igniting ignominy.

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