A Diablo character in Hearthstone was the least confusing part of the revealed Mercenaries mode

A diablo character in hearthstone was the least confusing part of the revealed mercenaries mode

Blizzard today unveiled Hearthstone’s new Mercenaries mode. It will be released on October 12 and combines "RPG and roguelike elements" with a new vision of card combat, which baffled several live viewers, as Blizzard presenters focused on showing the characters and their skills. (Lord of Terror of Diablo is a (which is great) instead of explaining how the game works. That job was left in the hands blog posts published after the presentation.

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Some players also reacted negatively to the introduction of another card collection system in Hearthstone. A Hearthstone associate writer confirmed that players can use Hearthstone game gold buy mercenary packages, causing some disappointment that it will be another mode that encourages spending to get cards, like normal gaming.

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