A familiar face returns in this new Battlefield 2042 short film

A familiar face returns in this new battlefield 2042 short film

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Battlefield 2042 is a near-future multiplayer shooting game in which 128 players make it through a series of massive and destructible maps. The game will not be released until October, but today EA has released a short nine-minute film, titled Exodus, which reveals more about its world and history.

The film sees the return of Kimble & # 39; s Irish & # 39; Graves from Battlefield 4, played by Michael K. Williams — you know, Omar from The Wire. Graves is no longer a sailor, but a stateless soldier named No-Pat. "Left behind, the displaced gang joined fleets of cloth in search of a safe haven," he tells first in history on the game's official website. "The privileged and the impoverished with antecedents who are worlds apart, forced together, determined to survive."

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The film is certainly cinematic, in the modern sense, with its color classification of blue tones and the drones of Hans Zimmer. As a setting for the depressing configuration of the near future of Battlefield 2042, it is quite effective. And if you want to know more about No-Ducks and the state of the world, check this out interactive map thing on the Battlefield website.

It’s weird to see heavy marketing in the history of a game that gave the idea that this time there will be no single player campaign. But I guess DICE wants to make sure their world has a narrative backbone, instead of just being a big playground that explodes for 128 soldiers. Will the average player even care? Maybe not, but hey, it’s there if you want it.

You can experience life as a No-Pat when, if all goes well, Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 21st. The most interesting thing revealed about it so far is Battlefield Portal, a creator of custom game modes, but there is another mystery mode that has not yet been revealed, called Hazard Zone.

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