A Microsoft engineer stole $ 10 million selling Xbox gift cards for Bitcoin

Microsoft is setting an end date for windows 10 support as windows 11 approaches

A new account monitoring report used to test Microsoft's payment systems allowed an engineer to swindle himself by more than $ 10 million after selling Xbox gift cards for Bitcoin for two years. Bloomberg revealed this week.

To make sure its payment systems work, Microsoft employs engineers to “simulate” purchases in its stores. But shortly after joining the company in 2017, Volodymyr Kvashuk discovered that there was a flaw in the accounts that were used to prove purchases. Look, these simulated accounts are usually marked as such by the system and will not send you physical goods if you try to buy, for example, a new gamepad from your site. But if you try an Xbox gift card purchase, you would still receive a fully valid 25-digit code.

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