A modder has turned Serious Sam 4 into Mario Kart

A modder has turned serious sam 4 into mario kart

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11y0ijsAk3o [/ embed]

A modern has taken Serious Sam 4, a game about anything other than a fun karting experience, and turned it into that.

Pan’s 7Smoke Racing mod takes the FPS and basically turns it into a Mario Kart PC. Tracks like Cheep Cheep Beach, Dry Dry Desert, Thwomp Ruins and Neo Bowser City have been recreated for modification and look surprisingly similar to their Nintendo counterparts. The mod includes 20 tracks in total, divided into five different cups. There’s also a gold rush battle mode with nine scenarios, no doubt a gesture with Mario Kart’s coin-rushing mode.

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