According to reports, 7 major developers of Borderlands 3 have abandoned Gearbox

Borderlands 3 is a live game, but playstation owners stay out of the cold

Gearbox has confirmed a Axios reported that seven major developers of Borderlands 3 have left the company to form a new studio. No details have been revealed about the new company, but Randy Pitchford, founder of Gearbox Entertainment, said his departure will have no impact on the development of the studio's current project, Tiny Tina & # 39; s Wonderlands.

“This small group is fantastic and talented and we are very grateful for their contributions, creativity and leadership,” Pitchford said. "They leave Gearbox on the best terms and we wish them well in their new venture. I am excited about their prospects and look forward to seeing where their effort takes them. I also hope that our strong and mutually respectful relationship will lead us to a lasting partnership in a new way ".

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