Acer keeps the Nintendo 3DS dream alive with 3D laptops, without the need for glasses

Acer keeps the nintendo 3ds dream alive with 3d laptops, without the need for glasses

Have you ever felt the need to work with your 3D models in the space between you and your laptop screen? Or watch stereoscopic 3D movies?

Well, those who said yes to the above will be happy to know that the 3D panel technology is finally coming to laptop screens and Acer is leading the movement. With its newly introduced SpatialLabs software (via Trusted reviews), aims to provide developers and 3D artists with a new angle from which to work on their projects, without the need for 3D glasses.

3D visualization technology has been around for a while. We saw it with the 3DS in 2011, albeit in a rough and ready way, which caused a lot of headaches. We saw it last year Sony's 4K holographic "space reality" 3D panel technology comes with the ELFSR1, which seemed to be a step in the right direction.

However, SpacialLabs technology will be integrated into your Acer mobile workstation and will not only be able to convert parallel videos to stereoscopic 3D, but will also support programs such as Blender, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Unreal Engine, which, as we see yesterday, we will get some smart updates with UE5, long before this technology reaches the consumer markets.

It takes a stereoscopic screen and an eye-tracking camera to support SpacialLabs, which means it unfortunately won’t work on any laptop or PC.

Sony's ELFSR1 was just a screen and still works $ 5,000, so you can imagine how expensive a laptop will be with the ability to run intensive 3D modeling software and a fantastic 3D display. However, Lenovo's SpacialLabs technology may not hit the consumer market for some time, so you have some time to pre-mortgage your home.

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