Acer says it can "only cover 50% of global demand" due to a shortage of chips

Acer says it can "only cover 50% of global demand" due to a shortage of chips

Here we are, trapped in this strange space where the materials and components used to make PC parts are basically gold dust. Where before the pandemic we took all this for granted, those of us who try to score any technology right now, particularly GPUs and CPUs, find ourselves with the harsh truth that the market can’t keep up with the increased demand.

In search of the end of this tragic state of PC construction, we have been looking for statements from technology makers to know how long it will take before buying a GPU or CPU without having to struggle. for that.

We've had Nvidia spitting that out GPU shortages would continue "for much of this year," and Intel and TSMC are even more pessimistic, but now Acer has its say on semiconductor availability. Spoiler alert: Doesn't look good.

In a chat with The guardian, Acer predicts that chip shortages will last at least until the first or second quarter of 2022. The company's co-chief operating officer, Tiffany Huang, laments "We have a severe shortage," noting next quarter or second quarter ".

She continues: "Any day I can only cover 50% of world demand."

Thanks to this shocking statistic, the company has decided to put devices based on work and education at the forefront, in relation to its gaming technology, because people "deserve the right to be able to continue living and learning." Here's an argument about how games teach important life skills and how some people's work is. literally games, but I won’t get into that here.

Gartner's lead semiconductor analyst Ben Lee also backed Steel's predictions. He is convinced that the second quarter of 2022 is a more accurate forecast and that, as a result, we will see many price increases.

“It means the customer has to pay more because there aren’t that many items,” Lee points out.

Golly, did we really need an analyst to tell us? We’ve already seen price increases, so we’re just waiting for more as we come into play next year.

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