Acquiring gearboxes kills Homeworld investments 3 Fig

Acquiring gearboxes kills homeworld investments 3 fig

Unlike Kickstarter and most other crowdfunding platforms, Fig allows project sponsors to actually invest in games and get a return on them: supporters can opt for rewards from conventional sponsors or they can buy "Fig Game Shares, ”who may or may not pay financial dividends based on the success of the project. The system seems to be aimed primarily at institutional investors rather than gamers eager to play an obscure RPG that no conventional editor can find, but seems to work. The $ 4.4 million was raised Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, for example, was divided almost uniformly between conventional sponsors and the funds in Figs.

Homeworld 3 was also a crowdfunding project from Fig. It was a little different from most because it actually had an editor, Gearbox, and a goal of only $ 1. The purpose of it all was to allow fans to "invest and participate in the success of the title," Gearbox said in 2019 and help guide its development through exclusive sponsorship surveys and comments. FIG campaign page promises the same: "There is a unique opportunity to invest in the success of Homeworld 3," he says. "Not only do you get the game. You also have the opportunity to benefit."

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