Activision CEO Kotick faces a whopping $ 155 million after a contentious vote

Activision ceo bobby kotick is still charging too much, according to the investment group

Activision-Blizzard shareholders have approved the company’s Say-On-Pay proposal by a narrow margin, with 54% of the votes in favor of the executive's remuneration package. This is more or less what happened in 2020, when 57% voted in favor, but a significant drop in support over previous years: in 2019 the vote was 82% in favor and in 2018 92% .

The Say-On-Pay vote allows shareholders, well, to have an opinion on what Activision-Blizzard pays for the best shares. Several investment groups have begun on how CEO Bobby Kotick is paid, for example, to the extent that Activision made "substantial and sustainable reductions in CEO compensation," including a reduction in base salary and Kotick’s cash bonus of 50%, making up 95% of its total compensation based on performance and relationship to other corporate goals.

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