Activision confirms that Rambo and Die Hard will arrive in Call of Duty: Warzone next week

Activision confirms that rambo and die hard will arrive in call of duty: warzone next week

After several days of intense teasers, Activision has finally confirmed that the icons of the 80's action heroes and their partners Johns Rambo and McClane will arrive in Call of Duty: Warzone as premium operator skins on May 20.

The fun began earlier this month, when the Call of Duty account tweeted statistics for a player named Survivorjohn # 1009062. He was cryptic but a Twitter user. Eric Maynard has deleted the code: there are five movies in the Rambo series and, according to the Rambo Wiki (yes, there are Rambo Wiki), our intrepid hero kills a total of 552 people. Wow!

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