Activision harms professional wrestler Booker T. in Call of Duty copyright lawsuit

Activision harms professional wrestler booker t. In call of duty copyright lawsuit

In February 2019, professional wrestler Booker T. Huffman sued Activision, alleging that he was the character of Call of Duty David "Prophet" Wilkes is based on a character who appeared as in the early days of his fighter career, named GI Bro. The similarities are there, no doubt: they are both big, muscular men with dreadlocks, bandanas and hanging blinds, but a jury has ruled that they are not enough to constitute an offense.

Huffman's lawyer, Potts' law firm Micah Dortch, said in a 2019 blog post that "there is no doubt that this character was copied from GI Bro" when the two are seen side by side. "From hair, body type and clothing, to facial expressions, the resemblances are too deep to be an accident."

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