After a decade, the development of the Kerbal space program is over

After a decade, the development of the kerbal space program is over

After 10 years in active development, the Kerbal Space Program is over released his last big patch. The Kerbal Space Program 1.12.2 was released this week as the latest major patch in the sustained development of the Kerbal Space Program. This follows the release of the huge free 1.12 update earlier this year, on the tenth anniversary of the game’s release. All Squad hands will be working primarily on the sequel, the Kerbal 2 space program, along with the developers of the private division.

The new patch is mostly bug fixes, but it has some new features, things that didn't arrive in time for 1.12. Some of the things are huge, actually, for game fans. You can block the rotations of the docking node so that the struts can cross between the docked bits, which should result in slightly less oscillating physics in the multi-module spacecraft. There’s also the new ground anchor, which after all these years allows you to firmly root your bases out of the world on the planets where they rest, rather than relying on

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