After a flood of "hate raids," Twitch answers calls to do more for marginalized streamers

Twitch hit with another wave of dmca withdrawals

As if Twitch's chat wasn't bad enough, over the last year or so it's gotten worse by what's called a "hate raid," which is when a group of users invades a streamer that sends the same hate messages. . They could they demand the public execution of gays, or declare that it is a channel belongs to the KKK. The latter was aimed at a streamer named Rek It Raven, who asked Twitch to provide better tools to combat hate attacks and other attacks against marginalized streamers with the tag. #TwitchDoBetter. In response, the streamers who used the tag were the target of another round of hate attacks, #TwitchDoBetter repeated them along with streaks of insults or simply the word N repeated over and over again.

"I started because in a week I was attacked twice by hatred," says Raven, who plays horror games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Phasmophobia. “Then I started talking about it, and more people who were in marginalized communities or in marginalized groups were really saying,‘ Hey, that happened to me too. ’Unfortunately, I’m used to taking some form of hatred: I’m a queer-colored person, featuring a woman, I’m a very easy target, but that was more than just “You’re black, you’re fat, you“ It’s gay ”. These attacks were very clear. "

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