Almost a decade after it was announced, Battle Cry of Freedom appears on Steam

Almost a decade after it was announced, battle cry of freedom appears on steam

In 2012, the developer of Mount & Blade: Warband – Napoleonic Wars, Flying Squirrel Entertainment, announced that it was a new U.S. Civil War-based project called Battle Cry of Freedom. It looked like an extremely ambitious company, with large 5×5 km maps, historically accurate weapons and uniforms, totally destructible environments and support for 500-player online battles (!), All of which can help explain why it took almost a decade to do it. to finally appear in Steam.

Please note that it is not yet on sale, nor does it even have a release date: the listing is strict, so fans can "want the game and follow the page to receive notifications whenever new information is available." . But the fact that it is there is in itself remarkable. Flying Squirrel has been posting fairly regularly developer blogs on its website since 2012, but the launch of the Steam page is the game’s biggest and most public breakthrough since it was announced.

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