Amazon Games locates one of South Korea’s most exciting MMOs, Lost Ark

Amazon games locates one of south korea’s most exciting mmos, lost ark

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I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never heard of Lost Ark. It's a free-to-play MMO that was only available in South Korea, Russia and Japan, but today Amazon announced that it is partnering with developer Smilegate RPG to launch it in North America and Europe this fall. I'm very excited.

Lost Ark is basically "What if Devil 3 was an MMO?" Massacre hordes of demons, fairies and everything in between with eye-catching skills to gain experience and loot, and the 15 different character classes are wild and fun. (It's set in a strange universe where everything goes, so you can go from a warrior with an ass sword to a devil hunter who rolls with a chariot that doubles guns.) The combat is fast and fluid, and it involves many things. careful timing and maneuvers to dodge enemy attacks. There are many ways to combine skills and create combos.

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