AMD accepts $ 1.6 million in new GloFo chips for its manufacturing freedom

Amd accepts $ 1. 6 million in new glofo chips for its manufacturing freedom

AMD has finally triggered any exclusivity agreement with GlobalFoundries, its original manufacturing arm. While AMD has been free of annoying GloFo copyrights for a while and free to search for third-party chips at 7nm and below, it is still bound by a wafer supply agreement with its ex fabulous for 12 / 14nm chips. However, with the latest amendment to this agreement, these exclusivity clauses are already exceptional news.

AMD announced the change within a file 8-K presentation to the SEC, which is required when a company wants to announce something significant to shareholders. In its presentation, AMD describes a seventh amendment amended and reworded to its wafer supply agreement. This is an amendment to his amendment, in case you were wondering.

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