AMD has chosen a bad time to stop supporting older GPUs

Amd has chosen a bad time to stop supporting older gpus

AMD has announced that its latest driver update, which supports some sort of support for FidelityFX Super Resolution, among other things, will see support for some old cards changed to an "inherited media model." Just a few of the cards in question aren’t too old and include the Radeon R9 Fury and Nano series, as well as the 300 series graphics cards (including the Radeon R9 390, for which we have a bit of a point).

It may not look so bad on first reading either, as an inherited support model still gets some support, right? What it actually means is "No additional driver versions are planned to support these graphics products." Basically, this means that these older cards won’t get the optimizations needed to make new games run smoothly, or in some cases, and serious problems won’t basically be solved.

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