AMD’s sensation is planned: it plans to invest $ 4 million in the recovery of its own shares

Amd’s sensation is planned: it plans to invest $ 4 million in the recovery of its own shares

AMD may have money burning a hole in its pockets, as maker Ryzen and Radeon announce a program to recoup its own shares worth $ 4 million.

What this means is that AMD is looking to boost the share price by buying some of the shares it has issued over the years. The fewer shares there are on the open market, the less diluted the stock reserve will be, the greater the value of each share. Capeesh?

"Today's announcement reflects our confidence in AMD's business and the successful execution of our multi-year growth strategy," said Dr. Lisa Su, President and CEO. d & # 39; AMD. "Our strong financial results and growing cash generation allow us to invest in the business and start returning capital to our shareholders."

It makes sense for a full-time company to want to increase its share price and invest in its own value while rewarding its shareholders, whose shares will increase in value as AMD buys large amounts of shares. .

The total value of AMD's outstanding shares, its market capitalization, is currently just over $ 92 million. However, this is subject to change over the years; ideally, AMD will want it to increase, that is, how many shares AMD can recover with its $ 4 million will change over time. They’re pretty, anyway.

There is no doubt that AMD is up to the task after some of its best years in the company's history. The company's revenue for the first three months of 2021 was $ 3.45 million, an increase of 93% year-on-year.

And Dr. Lisa Su clearly has the will to put it back into business. Not only with this repurchase scheme, but also The recent acquisition of Xilinx by AMD of $ 35 billion.

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