Amid the sudden success of Twitch from Us left the developer feeling burned out

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Last year, a colorful party game with spikes in 2018 quickly became one of the most popular games in the world. But while the sudden success of Between Us could have been a fantastic break for developer Innersloth, the pressure to keep that ball round meant a severe burnout for the small studio.

Talking to YouTuber Anthony Padilla (via Kotaku), Annersloth artist Amy Liu explained that she had “definitely run out” after an explosion of popularity that saw everyone, from socialite hosts, to American and Canadian politicians , was going to Between Us – and left the team feeling pressured to pursue that success. fast.

“Between us, going viral, it was like,‘ well, this is my life, ’” Liu said. "The pressure for things to be done quickly was very high. From September to December, we are talking to Xbox, PlayStation. They would try to get between us on these platforms, which usually take many months, such as half a year to a year. We said: "Three months!"

"It was hard because during all this we couldn't see friends and family. Being so tired from work, I couldn't even go visit my family during Covid and I had to spend the holidays alone. It was definitely the harder time. "

Of course, this pressure was not only self-inflicted. Programmer Forest Willard added that "when you're under pressure from hundreds of millions of people, they don't understand that it takes months. Server problems should be fixed tomorrow and new things added next week. It's so easy. It's a lot of pressure. It's overwhelming. "

Artist and designer Marcus Bromander noted that even small things would cause a new wave of anger with the newly expanded community. "We changed the font at some point because we had to change it and people were like 'Back to the old font!' I don't like this new font ".

At times, Bromander noted that negative comments made him no longer want to work on the game anymore. But the success of Inter has allowed Innersloth to expand with new staff, and while the game is still big, it’s not as stratospheric as it was last year.

Innersloth is still waiting to see the game grow and plans to continue updating the game new 15-player modes and lobbies. But for now, the studio doesn't think it should work in a mess by releasing these updates as soon as possible.

"There's no reason to have to go back up to that level," Willard said, "So it's not scary if you don't."

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