Among our wishes, the developers could have worked with Epic in & # 39; Impostors & # 39; of Fortnite

Among our wishes, the developers could have worked with epic in & # 39; impostors & # 39; of fortnite

Epic Games has recently launched a new Fortnite mode called Impostors in which ten players gather in a secret facility called "The Bridge" and try to complete various tasks, commit sabotage and kill each other silently, trying to determine which two of them are the titular and creepy "impostors." It is, as you may have drawn from the description, very similar to the game of social deduction between us.

The issue did not go unnoticed by the director of the Among Us community, Victoria Tran, who said on Twitter that "it would have been a lot of fun to collaborate" with Epic Games on something. Among us it is not a particularly unique design: the original concept dates back to the mid-eighties, and other recent video games, including Eville, Unfortunate Spacemen, and Werewolves Within, have provided different options, but the Epic version, including the mode name, leans especially toward Among Us.

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