Among Us is free to stay at Epic Games Store this week

Among us is free to stay at epic games store this week

Between us it wasn’t exactly expensive to begin with. But with the free game to download and maintain at Epic Games Store this week, you now have no excuse to avoid the famous Innersloth counterattack.

As part of the store's summer sale, Epic is giving away a free "mystery game" every week. This time, it’s the turn of the party game that touches the exits, which will allow you to add Between us in your library for free until another unannounced game goes into the free slot next Thursday.

Of course, at the expense of a decent coffee, you don't save too much. Among us it is also usually free for mobile, with the PC version that includes a lot of microtransactions of this version as part of its base price. Still, with the a new airship map was installed and a “big announcement” was made soon, now is as good a time as any to get into the favorite game of U.S. politicians and talk show hosts.

Epic has been running free weekly games for years, as part of its attempt to secure its place as a rival to Steam. The company’s ongoing legal dispute with Apple recently revealed how much Epic has spent on securing exclusives and giveaways, despite the minimal return of users who actually stay after getting the free gift.

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