An entire version of Windows 11 has been leaked, but we would be very careful

An entire version of windows 11 has been leaked, but we would be very careful

An early version of Windows 11 has leaked to the Internet and is fast becoming the source of countless screenshots provided by our social media feeds. And we definitely didn't download or install it on a virtual machine just to see what it's like. Honest.

This went very well after Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will not be supported after October 14, 2025. Only this came as a surprise, as Microsoft introduced Windows 10 as the latest version of Windows and that it was essentially “Windows as a Service,” when it was released in July 2015.

Since then, there have been many rumors about the future of Windows, including an alleged revision of the Windows 10 interface, codenamed Vall del Sol. This leak seems to testify to rumors that Sun Valley will be incorporated into something more than a Windows 10 update, but that they are actually the basis for a completely new release.

If there are any leaks, it looks like the next version of Windows will be called Windows 11. Although there was a very similar interface to the one seen in the Windows 10X flag before it was canceled, these things they can be changed quite easily.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

This leak is also approaching The big Microsoft announcement event to be released on June 24th. This is a live play event that appears under the symbol "Join us to see what's coming to Windows." I mean this could be absolutely anything, but it could be a Windows 11 ad.

The leaked version of Windows 11 has a build version of 21996.1 and is aimed at Windows Insiders. Now it’s up to those who want to see what all the fuss is about, even if you’re obviously careful where you get it from.

This type of filtering has traditionally been a great way to spread viruses, and since it's a completely new operating system, you don't really know what you're getting. If you are tempted and can find a reliable source, you should at least install it on a virtual machine that is not connected to your network. Just to be sure.

(Image credit: sdra_owen on Baidu)

The version itself lacks some elements, but apart from a few changes to the user interface, the kernel doesn't look too different from the current version of Windows. An obvious change is to move to the rounded corners of some system windows: a subtle change, but one that gives the operating system a very different feel to Windows 10.

The biggest change we can see is that the taskbar is now in the center of the screen and not justified on the left, which is very similar to Mac OSX. Don't worry, though, there's an option to return it to its traditional position if you prefer, though you'll need to enable Windows to do so in the filtered version, which you won't be able to do for obvious reasons. .

It's probably worth waiting to see what Microsoft announces on June 24 before getting too excited about what all this may mean. And it’s too early to see what impact this will have on games.

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