An unlimited security error for Wallet Steam Wallpapers has been encountered

An unlimited security error for wallet steam wallpapers has been encountered

With the help of a security investigator, Valve has found and fixed an exploit that would have allowed a user to counterfeit the value of deposits in their Steam wallet. The operation operated, for example, by converting a $ 1 deposit into a $ 100 deposit. This was achieved by changing the account's email address to one that included "amount100" and then intercepted a message to a payment company's API.

The script for the hack was posted on the HackerOne white hat hacking bug reward site by the drbrix handle. Valve and drbrix subsequently made the exchange public, once a fix was implemented. Drbrix first posted the error as a "medium" priority, saying, "I think the impact is pretty obvious, the attacker can make money and break the steam market, sell keys to game at an affordable price, etc. "

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