Angry Total War fans are bombarding Three Kingdoms

Angry total war fans are bombarding three kingdoms [/ embed]

Creative Assembly has announced that it will end support for Total War: Three Kingdoms from patch 1.7.1. The response from Total War Fans has not been fantastic. They claim that DLC bugs have not been fixed and are frustrated with a map update that will "focus on building the north of the map" promised by Creative Assembly in a blog post for July 2020 never happened. In response, they have started bombing Three Kingdoms on Steam. Its overall review rating of Mostly Positive has dropped to Mostly Negative a recent reviews, and each Three Kingdoms DLC now has extremely negative recent reviews.

They haven’t stopped here, with DLC for the fully compatible Total War: Warhammer 2 which has also been a target, at least until their fans gathered Reddit and began to leave positive reviews en masse to recapture ratings.

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