Annapurna reveals Storyteller, a compact and clever storytelling puzzle game

Annapurna reveals storyteller, a compact and clever storytelling puzzle game [/ embed]

In 2013, Daniel Benmergui published a video showing some alpha gameplay from their Storyteller puzzle project. In 2018 he really bet on it, advertiser an association with Annapurna Interactive which meant, among other things, that "we * must * finish it." And now, in 2021, we are finally looking at the degree of arrival of a new trailer unveiled today during the Annapurna online showcase.

In Storyteller, you’re given a setting, a selection of characters, and a title, and you have to put them all together in a story that unfolds through a short storyboard. You can tell your story the way you want, remake classics from the past, or learn something completely new, as long as it ends properly: as a tragedy, a love story, or something more specific.

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