Another classic platform game from Apogee has just received the HD treatment

Another classic platform game from apogee has just received the hd treatment

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Classic shareware publisher Apogee Entertainment has surprisingly released an HD remaster of Secret Agent, an action platformer game originally released in 1992. Just like last year Refurbished Crystal Caves HD, this new version brings much more than HD graphics: in addition to the original levels, there are 16 new ones with new enemies, power-ups and more. There’s also a level editor via Steam Workshop, online leaderboards and a new soundtrack, but never be afraid – you can switch between the old AdLib soundtrack and the new one, and the same goes for the graphic review.

It makes a lot of sense: the secret agent used the same engine as Crystal Caves and it's almost just a sci-fi vision in this slightly older game. These old platform games are not remembered for their fascinating stories, but if necessary, the secret agent follows the adventures of Agent 006 as he fights the Diabolical Villain Society. Heavy and philosophical things.

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