Apex Legends hackers "have got nothing of value," says Respawn

Apex legends hackers "have got nothing of value," says respawn

The hackers launched an attack on Apex Legends last weekend, replacing the server playlists with a message about the status of Titanfall below savetitanfall.com URL: "TF1 is being attacked as well as Apex". Playlist capture made Apex modes completely unmatched for many players until Respawn regained control later in the day. Other players, who were allegedly still able to play the game during the attack, also reported a post-match pop-up message telling them to "visit and post savetitanfall.com".

The purpose of the hack was apparently to draw attention to the ongoing DDoS attacks that have plagued the two Titanfall games since 2019. This Yield has a good summary of the situation, including the frustration felt by some players (quite or not) that EA and Respawn choose to launch the original Titanfall on Steam without fixing the known vulnerabilities. In early April, Respawn finally responded publicly to long-standing complaints, saying "help is coming," and things seem to be getting better for a while. But in mid-May, a new wave of attacks attacked both Titanfall games.

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