Apex Legends returns to the original King & # 39; s Canyon next week

Apex legends returns to the original king & # 39; s canyon next week

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Apex Legends is heading to the forgotten kingdom of 2019 with the Event of the Genesis collection, a two-week return to Respawn's first Battle Royale arena.

Starting next Tuesday, June 29, Genesis presents the first iteration of Kings Canyon: before the EMP attacks, giant dinosaurs and earthquakes did so without recognition. But World & # 39; s Edge is also receiving similar treatment, allowing us to revisit the brighter sky and greener fields on the second Apex map before planetary extractors turned it into an active volcano.

Apex has added a lot of characters, weapons, and tools since then, and it will be fun to see how characters like Valkyrie go on the first map of the game. However, for Apex fans for a long time, the ability to fall back into an undestroyed Skulltown is the truth. King & # 39; s Canyon's most beautiful location even catches the eye, with Respawn also adding the built boneyard to the Arenas map pool.


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Being a collectible event, Genesis also adds a lot of skins and cosmetics to unlock through booty boxes, the event track, or the game store. Highlights include the sleek Bangalore body armor of his day as a villain in Titanfall 2 and the messy office worker in Crypto before his time as a cyberpunk cutter.

Revenant also receives a Heirloom melee weapon, which allows you to cut the Kings Canyon with a bloody large sickle. That said, I'm really upset that my main mom, Horizon, has stolen an elegant lab suit from her, given all this backlash, becoming, in a way, a transformer. Respawn, please starve me to death.

Dr. Mary somers is a transformer, i guess?

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Next week’s event also includes many balance changes and bug fixes, including a well-placed tree to stop this absolute absurdity. Most important of all, however, is that Wattson can now place several Nessies stuffed animals on the map up to a maximum of 20 per map, making her immediately the most powerful legend in the game.

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