Apex Legends will eventually punish players for leaving Arenas matches

Apex legends will eventually punish players for leaving arenas matches

I’ve been really enjoying Apex Legends ’new Arenas 3v3 mode for the past few weeks, but holy cow, the mode has a major problem leaving it. Respawn hopes to fix it in a patch deployed today that will begin imposing sanctions on players who leave their team.

The penalties for quitting will match those already in place for Apex Legends-rated Battle Royale mode, which places players in a 10-minute timeout before they can play again. Respawn clarified that you will only receive the penalty if you were in a full squad when you left the match, meaning that you will not be punished for leaving after another teammate leaves first. After the update, players will also be notified of the cancellation of penalties before leaving the game.

Dropouts are a problem basically in all multiplayer FPS, but they are especially annoying in Apex Legends because missing players cannot be replaced once they are gone. The new sanctions indicate that Respawn is taking Arenas ’competitive integrity seriously. Now all we need is one proper 3v3 classification mode.

Also included in this minor patch is a solution to Wattson's involuntary nerve that didn't slow down players passing through his electric fences. An exploit has also been fixed that allows players to purchase upgrades without enough credits. After a short break to fix some other exploits, Valkyrie has also reactivated to use it on the shooting range.

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