Apex Legends will get an amazing new arena map next week

Apex legends will get an amazing new arena map next week

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The Apex Legends Genesis rollback is over. But the real battle of Respawn takes just a second to catch his breath before starting a new three-week period. Thrillseeker event, with a new custom map for the Arenas 3v3 mode of the game.

Starting immediately after Genesis closes on July 13, Thrillseeker & # 39; s introduces Overflow to the Arena map pool. While the mode has constantly added new stages throughout the season, so far they have been removed directly from existing game maps. Overflow, like Phase Runner and Party Crasher before, has been built from scratch for Arenas.

Located at the top of a long, dam-like industrial structure, Respawn finds Overflow’s short lines of sight difficult to discern immediately where the other equipment has been deployed, and favors short- or medium-range commitments. The map is also full of molten lava flows to keep you warm on your toes.

An aerial view of an industrial field

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Thrillseekers also adds a hefty sum of new limited cosmetics, which are sold in-store or can be unlocked using weekly rewards tracks. Although Octane takes center stage in the trailer, it has been overtaken by Rampart's Mad Max industrial aspect. Mirage looks a bit terrifying as a sad clown, while Revenant seems to have replaced his faceplate with Star Wars General Grievous.

Unfortunately, on July 13th we also see ourselves saying goodbye to the inherited versions of World & # 39; s Edge and King & # 39; s Canyon, which means saying goodbye to the amazing train rides from the old World & # 39; s Edge. Thrillseekers runs from July 13th to August 3rd, at which point we hope to have a better picture of what awaits us in season 10 of Apex Legends.

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