Apparently, EA does not have enough credit to manage the acquisitions

Apparently, ea does not have enough credit to manage the acquisitions

EU Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen believes the publisher should receive more credit for the way it handles studio acquisitions, in a line that is likely to chill the spine of anyone still facing it. to the loss of countless studies the company has lost.

During yesterday's financial report (transcribed here), Jorgensen praised the recent acquisition of publisher Codemasters for $ 1.2 billion. Currently, the studio’s latest F1 title exceeds sales expectations, a success that Jorgensen demonstrates by how quickly Codemasters was able to integrate with EA’s publishing and marketing efforts.

"It is the testimony of an exceptional game development team that was able to produce the right assets, to produce the right marketing materials to help us drive this business and the teams working together," he said. Jorgensen. "And you know what? I don't think we get enough credit for that."

The real victory for EA is the developer of Apex Legends Respawn. Apex Legends attracted more than 13 million weekly active players last season, with EA forecasting “exceptional growth” for the actual battle. Of course, the publisher would like to take their share of the credit for this boom.

"Respawn has obviously driven the incredible development of Apex, but they have partnered with us very well to drive what it is now; it will reach nearly $ 2 billion in business in two years. This is unprecedented. in our industry, I'm not sure we can get enough credit for that. "

This, of course, sounds immediately in light of how many studios EA has closed even in its own recent history. Dead Space may receive a new version, but only four years ago the publisher shut down the creator of the Visceral Games series. Not to mention painful places like the creator of Command & Conquer, Westwood, or Pandemic Studios, which close before they can realize their vision of Star Wars Battlefront 3.

Even the so-called EEA poster boy, Respawn, has at times been brutal to the publisher. Apex Legends may have hit hard, but it’s hard to forget the famous release of Titanfall 2, with EA choosing to release the less established shooter between its own Battlefield 1 and Activision’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Predictably, Titanfall 2 failed to meet sales expectations.

EA could be doing well for their acquired studies right now. But there are still many reasons to be suspicious, things will not go south if F1 or Apex do not meet expectations.

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