Apparently, the Monster Hunter movie includes Marines because of Metal Gear Solid

Apparently, the monster hunter movie includes marines because of metal gear solid

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One of the hottest captures in recent history is that, as you know, the Monster Hunter movie is a big laugh, it may even be the best video game movie ever made. Not much of this is due to its fidelity to most aspects of Capcom's long series, but the slightly Hollywood exception is that they put a lot of Marines in it.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson recently spoke with IGN about elements of the film, noting that the concept of introducing “modern” humans into the Monster Hunter environment was inspired by the feeling I had for the first time playing one of the games: examining these exquisite virtual landscapes as foraster.

"It influenced me the first time I played the game or someone played it, you know, you're a modern person who goes into this world and discovers it for the first time. And you do it with a character I created (….) so you are essentially a stranger going into this world and I wanted to recreate that sense of wonder that I had the first time I entered this world. You can only have that sense of wonder if I see It with fresh eyes. "

The promotional image of monster hunter and mgs collaboration.

(Image credit: Konami / Capcom)

Which is, at least, a reasoning that can be followed. Later in the chat, Anderson moves on to the idea that these characters are soldiers, but that’s where he raises one or two eyebrows.

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