Archvale looks like a 2D Zelda, apart from the thousands of bullets

Archvale looks like a 2d zelda, apart from the thousands of bullets

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Verdi's Requiem is perhaps the most frequently performed choral work in the classical canon: and with good reason. It’s so weird that even churches used to think it was a little more, and you feel it everywhere because, well, it makes things look a lot cooler. Archvale has several clever ideas, but a particularly good one was to set up the trailer before the requiem, because now I'm bombed to play a 2D role-playing game wrapped in weapons. That’s what Verdi would have wanted.

Yes, it looks like it’s Shovel Knight at some point – it really gets everywhere. Archvale is a role-playing game set in a "constantly changing map" filled with dungeons, cities, and loot.

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