As the GPU supply crisis eases, budget PC gamers could suffer

As the gpu supply crisis eases, budget pc gamers could suffer

High-end PC games will be in poor condition as they recover from the supply issues our hobby has suffered over the past 18 months. There is a certain note of optimism in recent times PC Gaming Hardware Report of renowned analyst firm Jon Peddie Research, which celebrates this recovery as something to celebrate.

And yes, the possibility of being able to pick up a new high-end graphics card will no doubt be a welcome for many silicon-hungry PC gamers. JPR predicts steady growth for the high-end hardware market to peak at $ 45 billion in 2024 from a starting point of just over $ 20 billion in 2020.

Hurray, then. The drought will soon be over and we can all be glad that the graphics card of our dreams will be just a click away and not the end of a stream of robots and a massively inflated sticker price on eBay.

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Except that there is also a strong warning note in the introduction to this report, which refers to supply issues that:

"Players with average budgets couldn't always get what they needed, and sometimes new entrants postpone, or worse, abandon platform or hobby adoption. New entrants are very important to to the long-term health of any gaming platform.A cruel warning to PC gaming space hardware companies, that long-term growth depends on having products available and at a price within the reach of consumers. mass market.

And modern high-end GPUs are certainly not affordable for most of us.

If you are trying to find a mid-range graphics card right now you are out of luck. As companies struggle to get a stock appearance on the shelves, they focus on high-margin and high-end cards, because they know they will sell. And because, you know, capitalism.

Almost every day on r / nvidia there is another shelf plan at Micro Center or Best Buy with either GeForce RTX 3080 Ti or GeForce RTX 3090 cards, none of which you could call "within reach" in any physical sense.

And it doesn’t seem like it can be a short-term situation either, as the boss, Jon Peddie himself, states that because “high-end graphics cards (complementary tables) hold the purchase price well and can be sold as a range "This can encourage manufacturers to aggressively store high-end inventory levels to avoid what we've seen happen since the COVID-19 locks began."

What would be worrisome for all those of us who can’t afford to spend more than $ 700 on a new GPU and have come to rely on major heroes like the AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT or GeForce GTX 1650 Super for our gaming platforms. game.

Traditionally, these types of graphics cards for less than $ 200 have been volume reproductions for manufacturers, which are manufactured in greater numbers because they are always sold in larger quantities as well. But if manufacturers start to cover their bets on future supply problems in excess of high-end GPUs, cheap PC gamers will be left out of the cold.

Manufacturers may aggressively have high-end graphics cards as well as the most affordable GPUs, but if the current stock shortage has taught us anything, it's that if only high-end options are available, that's what you buy. However, they are dangerous learnings and it would be potentially ruinous for the fans if the manufacturers took this effect in the short term as a permanent state of affairs.

But it’s also something that comes from the top down. Where are the Nvidia and AMD RTX 3050 or RX 6600 cards, for example? When you have a finite number of GPUs that you can manufacture with Samsung and TSMC respectively, and all the expensive and high-margin ones you manufacture are selling, you won’t get a piece of that supply to make the same number of cheaper cards.

In the end, when supply shortages end, it will still take some time to normalize in the industry for the benefit of PC gamers on limited budgets. Well, fingers crossed end up normalizing as well.

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