ASRock says China's hunger for graphics cards to exploit cryptocurrency declines

Asrock says china's hunger for graphics cards to exploit cryptocurrency declines

Demand for graphics cards may drop in China, according to graphics card manufacturer AMD ASRock. Traditionally a component maker, the company began engaging in Radeon graphics cards just in time for a wave of cryptocurrency demand, which it now says shows signs of slowing down.

ASRock expects sales to grow in the coming months despite component shortages (we know everything) and declining demand for cryptocurrency mining cards in China, reports Digitimes (via Tom & # 39; s Hardware)

China is the country with the highest cryptocurrency mining hash rate, meaning there are more GPUs and ASICs moving away from the blockchain than anywhere else. A decrease in demand could be indicative of a more global trend, or so China’s crackdown on cryptography is having effects on the market.

More specifically, however, ASRock expects AMD GPU shipments to increase during the second half of the year.

After all it’s pretty murky, he says. No one really knows how the chip shortage or the market will cope with the intense holiday seasons, but you’d think there would be some hope of picking up a Radeon RX 6000 chip from the series for Christmas.

So, is this the end of the cryptopocalypse of PC games? I dare say we're not out of the woods yet. Mining profitability will decline over time, but we remain in a period of high profitability even for home miners, let alone the mining operations of large companies.

But there is some hope. Ethereum, the most popular blockchain network for GPU exploitation, plans to kill mining "in the coming months." It will be replaced by a participatory test consensus system. This means that GPUs will no longer be needed to verify transactions across the network and card demand, at the very least, for Ethereum mining will fall.

It has not yet been seen whether this will translate into more cards on the market, as there is a possibility that GPU miners will shift their attention to one of the many other cryptocurrencies that still use a working test consensus system. (mining).

Most cryptocurrencies have settled at a new low during the year after the fall in the price of Bitcoin in May, and this may mean that some miners are starting to feel the pressure on profits. That said, many cryptocurrencies are worth much more than their value last year.

The issue remains that the news about declining demand is potentially good news for PC gamers with a bit of graphics, though I wouldn’t even start celebrating it. The cryptocurrency is highly volatile and its fortunes can change in an instant, and there is also the small issue of the global shortage of chips.

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