ASRock's H510 Pro BTC + can hold up to six graphics cards

Asrock's h510 pro btc + can hold up to six graphics cards

ASRock has added another motherboard designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining to its stable, the H510 Pro BTC +. What makes this motherboard unique and suitable for mining is that it has half a dozen PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots, all reinforced. It also has two additional 24-pin ATX power connectors (for a total of three), so in addition to supporting six graphics cards, users can connect multiple power supply units to help power them all. these GPUs.

The concept of a motherboard built for mining is nothing new, but the timing of this addition is interesting. It was a few days ago when ASRock said there was evidence to suggest that demand for graphics cards in China is slowing amid the country's recent crackdown on cryptocurrency mining.

(Image credit: ASRock)

ASRock is also aware, no doubt, that Ethereum is preparing a shift towards a participatory testing model that could end graphics card mining in the coming months. This is notable because Ethereum is by far the most popular blockchain network for GPU mining. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is largely mined with currently specialized ASIC hardware and not GPUs, although its value still has an impact (it is not uncommon to extract other cryptocurrencies and exchange them for Bitcoin).

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