Atlus announces that Persona has sold 15 million, and offers goods that imply Persona 6

Atlus announces that persona has sold 15 million, and offers goods that imply persona 6

"Start!" says Atlus' s announcement a celebration of Persona for a year, doing absolutely nothing to dampen the heart fires of plants around the world. The developer of the series will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first game in September 2021 and has announced that it is working on seven new projects that will be announced separately until the fall of 2022. The event website also offers several pieces of birthday products and, rather, charmingly, he adds, "If you don't mind, take the opportunity to buy it."

The first thing to do is set expectations: Atlus has celebrated previous anniversaries by announcing slightly smaller projects and also has a habit (as in this case) of announcing that it will make an announcement about a teaser trailer. The seven projects will never be all games: previous anniversaries have seen things like occasional Persona music concerts, for example.

However, there is a strong indication that something more exciting will come. Among the merchandise on the site are two offers that have not yet been fully revealed: a set of posters and a set of trading cards. Computer: ENHANCE!

(Image credit: Atlus)

Okay, so you don't need a magnifying glass. The above is the set of posters, which includes the entire cover of the first five Persona games, including special editions, and then ends with two spaces for the new cover marked as "secret". And here are the trading cards.

(Image credit: Atlus)

In the previous series all the protagonists of the main games of Persona appear and, after the 5, there is another card that at the moment is marked like "secreta".

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