Australian Disco Elysium Ban: Final Cut Canceled

Australian disco elysium ban: final cut canceled

The extended edition of the best role-playing game, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, was denied a rating in Australia earlier this year. That didn’t stop it from being available on Steam in Australia, though, as digital distribution sometimes flies under the radar; the refusal to classify only prohibits sales in the country, preventing stores from storing physical editions, while digital showcases overseas remain gray. area that can go in any seemingly random way.

It's a disgraceful failure of Australian law that, even after struggling to get an R18 + rating for video games, anything that includes statistically increasing drugs — at Disco Elysium, speeding up the engine and psyche although there are also negative consequences, the classification will be denied. Now, after Za / um Studios requested that the denial be reviewed on April 16, that denial has been overturned and replaced with an R18 + rating.

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