Back 4 The crew that kills Blood zombies looks great

Back 4 the crew that kills blood zombies looks great

VIDEO: The new trailer Back 4 Blood. Also activated YouTube.

Turtle Rock Studios has introduced the group of zombie deaths that comes to Back 4 Blood.

Nicknamed the Cleaners, there will be a total of eight playable characters, each with their own specialties and skills to finish off cheeky brains. The final trailer delves into each character, giving us a rough idea of ​​their personality and role within the group.

It looks like Walker is your standard swamp FPS dudebro, a war veteran and "the kind of person everyone can depend on." Walker will get buffs with his accuracy for precision kills and has advantages in additional damage and team health. The supporting role lies in the aptly named Doc, a woman whose latex gloves somehow stay strong amid a zombie apocalypse. Doc has a low health healing bonus, with greater healing efficiency and resistance to team trauma.

No set is complete without The Edgy One and Karlee plays that role. She "detects dangers", allegedly traps and other environmental omens, with her fans at the speed of using the items for the whole team. Sniper Jim has better ADS speed, increases weakness damage for the entire team, and clears damage from precision kills.

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There's also the ultra-prepared Hoffman – someone who's a little too happy to get caught up in a zombie outbreak. Hoffman increases the team's ammunition capacity, has an extra-offensive slot, and can generate ammo through killings. The newer, cleaner Evangelio can get off the track, with specifications for endurance recovery and team movement speed.

And then there is the mother, the maternal figure of the group. It gives your computer extra life, has an extra support slot in your inventory, and an incredibly useful instant revival capability. At the end of the group is the narrator of the trailer and the "glue that holds the whole team together" Holly. Killing zombies will regain their stamina, with their damage endurance fans and extra stamina for the team. The trailer also takes a look at some of the big bad zombies in the game, like the terrifying Hench Breaker or the Fast Snitcher.

It is a very robust looking crew, with a good selection of different skills and amateurs. It will be interesting to see how the different synergies of characters work, especially when you do throws the roofing mechanic into the mix.

Back 4 Blood release on October 12, with an open beta coming this summer.

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