Banned Destiny 2 streamer denies cheating and is ruined by Bungie

Banned destiny 2 streamer denies cheating and is ruined by bungie

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When Destiny 2 jumped from to Steam in late 2019, the number of players who cheated apparently increased. As YouTuber Aztecross said in the previous video, "you look at the players and their record, they would go from 0.5 K / D to 2.5, 3.5 or higher; you're like," What the hell did they eat? ? & # 39; "According to Bungie, cheating increased by about 50% during the first four months of 2020. Since then, Bungie has shut down PerfectAim, the cheat seller, and teamed up with Riot to bring GatorCheats in the courts.

As anyone who plays Trials of Osiris mode every weekend can show, Destiny 2 still has a deception issue. But it is possible that Bungie will step up its efforts against cheating and, based on current evidence, being a well-known "content creator" will not protect you from the banhammer. BakenGangsta, another Destiny 2 YouTuber, discovered the hard way.

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