Bannerlord patch adds duel mode for multiplayer and Ironman for single player

Bannerlord patch adds duel mode for multiplayer and ironman for single player

A new patch Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has dropped, bringing a lot of changes and fixes to the open world role-playing game. Most of the changes have been tested in beta over the last month or so, but have now been incorporated into the appropriate game. Just as a squire becomes a knight, so do these solutions that were young.

Some of the most notable changes to version e1.6.0 include a single-player Ironman game mode, for those looking for a hardcore experience with no opportunities. Once you select the Ironman option while creating characters, you will not be able to turn off mode again. It will limit your campaign to a single save file, and each will overwrite the last one. Look at your step, in other words.

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