Battlefield 2042 maintains the Nvidia partnership, will support DLSS and Reflex latency optimization

Battlefield 2042 maintains the nvidia partnership, will support dlss and reflex latency optimization

Battlefield 2042's "official graphics platform" is Nvidia, and the upcoming 128-player shooter will support "next-generation GeForce RTX gaming technologies" (also known as cool reflections), Nvidia DLSS, and Nvidia Reflex Latency

Battlefield 5 was one of RTX's showcase games generated the "RTX on" meme, so a repeated collaboration between EA and Nvidia is not a big surprise. (However, AMD cards performed well on the BF5 performance tests, so owners probably shouldn't be worried).

GeForce cardholders receive some support for specific Nvidia features. DLSS is the deep learning technology widely used by Nvidia, which in my experience (in Control, above all) does a pretty good job of improving performance without sacrificing quality.

Nvidia Reflex is newer. Introduced last year, it is a set of tools used by Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends and other multiplayer triggers to reduce rendering latency "keeping the GPU perfectly synchronized with the CPU" so that the frames are not left in the rendering queue . (In other words, when you move the mouse to point, the newly generated image should touch the screen a few milliseconds sooner than it would). It also has some fancy latency measurement features if you have the monitor and mouse for it. . We He tried Reflex in a few games and saw a small reduction in input latency, so that's fine. You can also read more about the technology Nvidia site.

EA has also announced some other Battlefield 2042 partners. The Xbox Series X and S are its official consoles. EA has yet to announce any DLC or exclusive bonus for Xbox players, so it looks like it’s just marketing right now. Its official PC peripheral partner is Logitech, so it will support Logitech's Lightsync LED control technology and include "in-game audio presets with an EQ optimized for Logitech headphones." And you can't launch a big-budget game without a storage partner, right? Western Digital’s WD_Black brand has this honor. (However, they make good SSDs).

Finally and most importantly, Battlefield 2042’s all-terrain vehicle partner is Polaris, and an “authentic” Polaris Sportsman ATV will be one of the vehicles available to BF2042’s near-future war players. It looks like other Polaris models will appear as well. Exciting things!

Very well, really, unless you may be a quad enthusiast, but we will soon receive proper information about the BF2042. EA Play Live will take place on July 22 and EA has said it will reveal the secret mode of DICE LA at the event. It's said to be a sandbox that pulls vehicles and weapons from previous battlefields, but we don't know for sure. The other mysterious mode, Hazard Zone, will be shown closer to the version of Battlefield 2042 on October 22nd.

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