Battlefield 2042 tricks are already on sale two months before release

Battlefield 2042 revealed: 128 players, siege-style characters, without a single player

Battlefield 2042 may not be available until October, but cheats in the cheating community have already begun selling out for the next multiplayer shooter.

Seen by CharlieIntel, a website has begun announcing "undetectable" scams that include aimbots, radars and wallhacks, boasting that its 1.2 million registered users have never been banned in a Battlefield game. This is a bold (and probably unfounded) statement, as well as the claim that your Battlefield 2042 hack has already been “confirmed” as undetectable given that so far the game has only been played by a very limited audience. during this month’s technical tests.

(Image credit: CharlieIntel)

That said, it's no surprise that the cheaters are set in Battlefield 2042. Competitors like Call of Duty: Warzone have been totally harassed by the cheaters since the launch, recently suffering a "devastating" bot that guarantees shots whenever "it's roughly the same continent that your goal.Activision even stepped in to remove an "undetectable" aimbot that could theoretically work on any game, on any platform.

So, bottom line is that we're hoping that Battlefield 2042 will catch the attention of cheaters. But forgetting even the October version, the initial interest of modders is causing concern for the next open beta that will begin in September.

It would be a shame if our first look at Battlefield 2042 was immediately clouded by cheaters. The next entry of Dice’s bombshell is shaping up to become something really special, with one The Battlefield Portal sandfield will allow you to launch World War II soldiers against Bad Company tanks on maps throughout the series, while rumors suggest that the 2042 danger zone will take signals from the Tarkov Escape.

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