Battlefield 2042 will not include battle royale, but there are 2 mysterious modes

Battlefield 2042 will not include battle royale, but there are 2 mysterious modes

Battlefield 2042 has given us a lot to talk about: it doubles the usual number of players (two teams of 64 for a total of 128 players per game) and completely changes the typical Battlefield class system. The environment of the near future hardly feels important. It is almost the opposite of the revelation of Battlefield 5, which focused on the gameplay settings of World War II, granular details such as character animation and the announcement of E3 being released. I was developing a Battle Royale mode. Case in point: there is definitely no Battle Royale mode this time.

During a presentation last week, DICE said there was no Battle Royale mode in development for Battlefield 2042 and no Battle Royale mode is planned, in case there was ambiguity in the first statement. And they want everyone to know that Hazard Zone, one of the two undisclosed modes, isn’t a battle royale mode, even if the name makes it sound like it.

What DICE will say is that Hazard Zone is squad-based and very interested. For me, this suggests a rendition of Tarkov’s Escape, Hunt: Showdown, and The Dark’s Dark Zone. It could be a way for you and a team to enter one of the giant maps, complete objectives, and then exit safely. Battlefield might lend itself to this style of FPS better than battle royale — Firestorm didn’t do it for me or many others — but I’m speculating.

The other undisclosed mode has not been named. All DICE will say is that it's made by DICE LA and is a "love letter to Battlefield fans."

We knew DICE LA, who was finally running Respawn’s boss, Vince Zampella, was working on something related to Battlefield, but not exactly what. He was a senior design director Justin Wiebe, who shook our hand when he tweeted, "It's wonderful to be able to work on a game I fell in love with almost 20 years ago! The sandbox game of 1942 was amazing for its time. I look forward to hearing from all of you what you loved and I hope so in a future BF game ".

The mention of Battlefield 1942 is in line with DICE's claim that the mode is a fan service of some sort, could it really be a version of BF1942 on the modern Battlefield engine? It would be very useful to enter a tertiary mode, so maybe I go too far. Again, this time there is no single player mode, so maybe it’s something big enough to make up for.

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The main mode of Battlefield 2042 is called All-Out Warfare, and is actually a category that includes typical Battlefield game types like Conquest. You can read all about the big changes in this basic Battlefield experience here.

Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22nd. There will be a beta before, including one for Hazard Zone, so we'll have a preview at some point. EA says the mysterious DICE LA mode will be revealed on EA Play on July 22, so we’ll soon know what it’s all about.

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