Best Buy is selling a PC with a different Intel graphics card

Best buy is selling a pc with a different intel graphics card

It’s now technically a three-horsepower race in the discreet space of the GPU, because if you head to Best Buy, you’ll find a CyberPowerPC desktop system that’s set up with an Intel graphics card. Move on, AMD and Nvidia.

Well, a little.

The system is one CyberPowerPC Xtreme Gamer desktop with an Intel Core i5 11400F (Rocket Lake) processor, 8GB of RAM and a 500GB SSD. No mention is made of the power supply, but it does not have to be a high power model. The unobtrusive GPU inside? It is an Intel Iris Xe DG1.

The DG1 is not the GPU with AMD and Nvidia shaking in their boots (or leather jackets). Intel's first implementation of DG1 was the Software Development Vehicle Kit (SDV) which it later made available to its independent software vendor (ISV) partners more than a year ago. We grabbed one to try and we weren’t particularly impressed, even at 720p with minimal quality settings.

To be fair, though, this was simply a test vehicle for developers to get their feet wet with the Xe architecture. At the time, Intel told PCWorld that the hardware, software and final controllers for your discreet Xe graphics cards will be very different from what the first impressions of the DG1 SDV presented.

Advancing a few months ago, at least one member of the supplementary board began offering a customized DG1 to OEM manufacturers. Asus designed a colorful dual-fan DG1 graphics card that looks like a current unobtrusive GPU, and it’s very possible (perhaps even likely) that the end hardware specifications will be different from DG1 SDV, as Intel suggested. .

Still, don’t expect stellar performance in games. The Best Buy list does not mention which AIB built the DG1 within the CyberPowerPC, but if the specifications are the same as the Asus model, we are seeing a scaled-down version of Intel’s Iris Xe Max mobile GPU, with a running 80 units (below the 96 you’ll find on Tiger Lake laptop processors), 4GB of LPDDR4X memory tied to a 128-bit memory bus, and a 1,700MHz GPU clock.

Price is another performance indicator: at a time when discrete GPUs get a premium, the whole system comes in at just $ 750, GPUs and all. There is no doubt that this version of the DG1 is intended for the entry market, especially when Best Buy refers to the Xe GPU as "amazing HD video capabilities for work, home, casual gaming and gaming." 39; remote learning ".

However, it is interesting that system builders take advantage of Intel's unobtrusive GPU hardware in shipping systems. It's a good sign that things are going well: Intel recently said its DG2 offering is "just around the corner." This is the unobtrusive GPU that can shake things up and turn it into a real three-horse race.

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